The Fallen

Soul Eating Spiders

The clattering from the pipes all around you grow louder. Amir and Lia stand ready while Lam continues to light the fire at the feet of the lizard creature, bound to

the walls with resin and webing. A few heart beats later, Lam succeeds in lighting the fire using dried animal dung, bone and webing, and readies herself as well,

just in time to receive a massive swarm of spiders pouring into the cooridor from the pipes.

The few that first enter the room become paste beneith the boots of Lam, as she tap dances across the room. Lia joins her in on the squishing. Yes retreats to the

entrance to the coridor. The swarm grows larger, and Lam retreats to the archway from whence the party came. Patiently waiting for this moment, Amir lets loose his

magic laying waste to the swarm with a swath of fire accross the floor.

The surviving spiders break up into small swarms, and split up going after Amir, Lia, and Lam. After battling fiercly with the swarm, which fought with ferocity to

cling to the three, they were smote by their prey. Just as the swarms were defeated, the clattering of larger feat grew louder, and three medium create sized spiders

emerged into the room from a larger set of pipes. The spiders once again split up, two going after Lia, and one after Lam.

After a great strungle during which the spiders struck Lia and Amir with their ethereal leg attacks, which drained them of their life, and illuminated the spiders

bulbous ass with an blue white light. As the battle with the spiders waged on, the players begin to notice that Yes is growing pale, and two very large spider legs

poised on either side of him. Shortly after noticing that, a blue white light begings to grow behind Yes, shadowing the form of a gigantic spider.

As the medium spider are defeated, by powerful strikes from all three adventurers, the large spider emerges from behind yes, tossing him asside like a rag doll. As it

does, the players also notice a trio of skeletons emerge from the other end of the corridor, and charge toward them. The gigantic spider slowly advances on the

players, as they stand ready, on two fronts. The skeletons continue their charge, right past the players and proceed to drive the spider back down the hallway.

One of the skeletons chases after the spider, and the remaining two move slowly to meet the payers. Lia investigates Yes’ condition, determining that it is beyond

conventional healing. Amir also realizes what kind of spiders they are dealing with, Soul Eating Spiders also known as Cemetary wraith Spiders.

The Soul Eating Spiders are eaters of chi, the vitality of living things. They steal the energy from their pray, leaving them weakened or comatosed. The stolen life

force is stored in their asses, where it is digested slowly over a day or so. The act of digestion causes the normally invisible life force to take on a blue white

glow. To restore the vitiality to the victum, they must consume the fluid of the spiders ass, which stole it.

Amir also realizes that the lizard creature which Lam was trying to warm up with a fire, is actually a likely victum of the Soul Eating Spiders.

Amir consumes his portion of the spider ass, which attacked both him and Lia, before offering up the rest to Lia. As he does, he sees a memory of his own, and a

vision of a young girl in a street gang.

Finally the large skeleton speaks, it inquires as to their purpose in this place, Amir answers. The skeleton recognizes Eyla, and tells the players of the lizard

creatures following her, and that the one now frozen against the wall was one of them and also a victum of the Soul Eating Spiders. The one who stole that creatures

chi was wounded and likely died, which is why he is not completely dead yet. The large skeleton, calling himself Bonemeal, offers to show the players the Queen Spiders layer.

So what now?

What will be the effects of sharing life foce between Amir and Lam?

Should the players seek to recover yes, so as to learn what secrets he holds, or go after the life force of the lizard create in order to learn more about the misterious dissapearance of Eyla?



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